HNRS represents the etiquette golf requires, the status it affords, the mindset it commands, and the opportunities for expression the game provides.

Dear Golf,

Since your inception, you have always been a game for the most noble members of society, an experience almost exclusively reserved for royalty. Despite the forced elitism that this exclusivity caused, the etiquette that resulted created a foundation for not just a game but a way of life. Those that have adopted your values experience unparalleled bonds, cultural exchange, and growth opportunities personally, socially, and professionally. All of which makes us wonder if it was actually royalty that created you or if you helped create better royalty. Maybe that’s the reason people fought to keep you away from so many for so long.

As you have evolved and grown, new faces, places, technologies, and moments have decorated your history books while even more innovation and leaders continue to emerge and trendset for what you will become. As many of us continue fighting to support your health and growth, it is becoming ever apparent that cultural innovation must drive but timeless tradition that must guide. Without the duality of “what has been” juxtaposed with “what can be” progress will become either stifled or aimless, or both.

HNRS is our way of inspiring a movement to continually celebrate and pay homage to the figures, stages, advancements, and achievements of past and present while ultimately helping protect and shape your greatness. We hope to inspire and re-inspire golfers to take you to your highest heights whilst never overlooking the many places you’ve already been.

We are a brand for game lovers and game changers that seeks first to give honor to you and then to any and everyone else who plays boldly enough to earn it.

There are no words to thank you enough for all you’ve done and will continue to do. But, please accept our brand, community, and our efforts as a small token of that appreciation.